• Wearables and Smart Products
    Wearables and Smart Products
    Wearable, smart and IoT technologies drive the consumer electronics to be smaller, lighter. Hence, the batteries which power these products also need to be smaller and more powerful. PHD utilize the cutting-edge battery technology to offer premium quality and performance battery products.
  • Medical
  • Medical instruments
    Medical instruments and devices
    Medical instruments and devices require batteries with premium performance, high quality and reliability, and a wide range of operating temperature. Our battery technology and quality system enable us to be a leading provider for medical batteries.
  • Commercial
  • POS terminals and wireless Paging Systems
    For commercial electronics products, like payment system, barcode reader, meter, etc, a reliable and cost-effective battery solution sometimes is critical to the performance and success of the whole product. Our extensive experience and state-of-the-art battery technology make us a perfect long term partner for your business.
  • Transportation
  • Low Speed Vehicles
    Low speed vehicles need a voltage as high as 72V and a capacity as much as a few hundred amp hours. They also require an advanced BMS for battery balancing, management, communication and monitoring. Our electric vehicle battery factory utilize the most cutting-edge manufacturing technology and equipment to produce high performance battery ...
  • Personal Transporter
    We provide a full range of battery products for personal transporters like electric bike, skateboard, scooter and wheelchair. Our products are exported throughout America and European countries. Our existing products offer you excellent off-the-shelf solutions. We can also customize the battery to fulfill your requirements.
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